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Private Lessons & Coaching

Here you will find details about other services I offer both online and in person. Purchase a session below and email me at info@stygian.dance to schedule! ​You may also contact me to set up a package deal for any of these services at a discount!

  • Private Lessons - $80-150/hour
    I offer private lessons online via Zoom or Skype! Learn from home and choose your own topic to focus on! If you're local to Highland, IL, or St. Louis, MO, contact me to schedule live private lessons.

  • Video Critique - $20 per video
    Looking for constructive criticism on your recent performance, practice drills, in-progress choreography, or something else? I'm happy to help and give individual feedback on any video you want to send my way. Price includes typed or video feedback on one video of your choice up to 10 minutes.
    Members of the Online Studio or Stygian Collective get this free!

  • Coaching - $40 per session
    Live video chat with Shyama to discuss specific questions, theory, or gain guidance in regards to your dance! Each session includes a 30 minute video chat via Zoom or Skype!

Stygian Collective or Studio Members get Private Lessons & Coaching at half price! Sign up here.

Classes & Workshops

In addition to the Online Studio, you can catch me teaching around the Midwest! My home studios are in the greater St. Louis area, but I can be found elsewhere when hosted by my lovely community!​

Workshop Descriptions

  • Intro to Fusion Belly Dance
    Follow Shyama into the world of fusion belly dance for your fitness, fun, and performance goals! Learn to move and isolate your hips, arms, chest, and core in new ways, strengthening your muscles, improving flexibility, and raising your body confidence! We will first explore proper posture and technique of basic movements. The rest of our time will be dedicated to learning a section of fusion choreography!

  • Crushing Combos
    Venture into the darkness with Shyama, Director and Founder of the Stygian Collective! In this workshop, we will blend traditional belly dance movements with metal music to showcase Shyama's signature style, Metal Fusion! Students will learn several combinations created with specific bands or genres in mind. Expect unique technique, drills, and layers, alongside a healthy serving of attitude, emotion, and a powerful surge of confidence!

  • Choreography Workshop Series​​ (each of these choreographies are available now in my Online Studio!)

    • "Snuff" by Slipknot
      Emotion is a tangled web, a path groped along in blinding darkness. Love isn’t simple, neither is hate. And the ending? The ending is never clear. Delve into the darker and deeper side of belly dance through metal fusion with Shyama’s unique choreography to “Snuff” by Slipknot. This dark fusion piece tells a story of love, betrayal, loss, and the struggle of letting go.​

    • "Crawling" by Linkin Park
      Where does the pain end and the person begin? Every loss leaves a wound and some wounds never heal. This dark-fusion reflection of belly dance was created in honor of Chester Bennington, and tells the painful tale of metal illness.

    • "Serenity" by Godsmack
      Enjoy this "begintermediate" choreography that uses mostly beginner movements with a few more challenging combinations. It is a good start for a newer dancer to jump into choreography!

    • "Slapdash Era" by Beats Antique
      This choreography focuses on Shyama's unique dark fusion technique, all wrapped up in slinky goodness!

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