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Ascension: APRIL 9-11, 2021
Virtual Metal & Dark Fusion Dance Festival

Held annually in the spring, just as Persephone ascends from the Underworld to embrace the sun and green, this weekend full of dance features specialized workshops and astounding shows--all held online worldwide!


Student Showcase featuring our Rising Stars: April 9th, 7:30pm CT
Gala Show featuring our Instructors & Professionals: April 10th, 2pm CT

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Workshops are held live via Zoom and also recorded! All registrants will receive the recordings after the event. No matter your time zone or schedule, we've got you covered for all your Metal & Dark Fusion Dance needs!

This year's instructors:
Fuchsia | Entropy | Violet Kind | Ami Amoré | Kambrah | Moonhoar | Lizzie Louise | Belladonna

Once Upon A Dance... with Fuchsia
April 10th, 9-11am CT

Storytelling is such a powerful devise in dance. To express and be understood by an audience can be the most liberating feeling. But do you ever get stuck on where to start, how to be understood, what makes an engaging story and how to stage it? In this workshop we will explore what storytelling is in dance, how staging/filming can change the meaning and experience, and some tools for using this in choreography and improvisation. Prepare to be challenged and inspired in this open level workshop. All are welcome, all are encouraged and all are safe - let's play, experiment and grow together. We all have a story to share, let's make it an epic one!

Vintage Vamp: Burlesque for Belly Dancers with Entropy
April 10th, 11:30am-1:30pm CT

About a century ago Burlesque and Bellydance had a fling that affected both styles for a long time to come. We head back to the early days of the iconic Vamp to explore the danger of feminine sensual expression.

We learn basic tips and tricks for a burlesque performance as well as a short choreography. The workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced Dark Fusion dancers wanting to explore Burlesque.

Photo: Åsa Delau Wiklund
MUA: MakemeupbySucat

WTF is Fly Fusion?! with Violet Kind
April 10th, 6-8pm CT

Creativity? Yes. Structure? Yes. Improvisation? Yes. Choreography? Yes. A challenge? Yes. Unique to what you’ve seen in the group improvisation scene so far? Absolutely. Fly Fusion is an ever-evolving, fresh format for fusion belly dance group improv. Using the power of math and music, we’ll show you how we make Fly Fusion improv magic that looks creative, multi-dimensional, and totally choreographed. At the very least, learn some fresh and creative combinations to take home and dance to any music you like. All levels welcome.

The Art of Exquisite Arms, Poignant Hands and the Motivation Behind Them with Ami Amoré
April 11th, 9-11am CT

This 2 hour intensive is designed to build structure to your practice for the very frame work that can elevate your dance, but is often the last thing considered - arms and hands!

We will go through an in-depth (w)arm up, flexibility/mobility exercises, drills. arm patterns and combinations all dedicated to the upper body starting with posture, particularly shoulders, arms and hands. Then we will work on specific arm patterns working in different planes and timing to confuse your brain and challenge you and put it into a combo or two if we have time. These arm patterns are meant to also meant to be interesting and elegant (or powerful or creepy) with some practice that you will have new arms and ideas to add to your toolbox.

We will also play with viscosity, emotion and how intention changes the appearance of arm movements. Proper muscle usage will be taught through out the workshop.

At the end, we will take time for self care with a nice stretch and self massage for these areas of the upper body. Oh and music? Don’t worry, we will have a variety of metal, goth, industrial and electronic from every era.

Metal Belly Dance with Kambrah
April 11th, 11:30am-1:30pm CT

Kambrah invites you to know her Metal Fusion style! If you are a lover of metal and rock music this workshop is for you. Kambrah will show you her dance methodology to put it into practice. We will play with coordination exercises with 2 and 3 layers, foot and arm patterns, and in the end an incredible combination to put into practice what you have learned. Do you dare? Are you ready to take your dance to another level? We invite you to vibrate together to the rhythm of metal at its best!

Stage Magick with Moonhoar
April 11th, 2-4pm CT

Part lecture, part dance. In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a theatrical dance performance that leaves our audience spellbound. These tools can be used with any dance, with improvisation or choreography. After the discussion, we will work with a section of Moonhoar's choreography based on Anne Rice's Mother of Vampires, Akasha (the Queen of the Damned). In this theatrical choreography we will get a feel for commanding the stage, character development, expression, using imagery, and decorating movement with one's personal flourishes. Moonhoar's lecture notes will be available for download. Please bring a pen and notebook to jot down any ideas you might have.

The Land of Isolations with Lizzie Louise
April 11th, 4:30-6:30pm CT

Welcome to the Land of Isolations! We will focus on fusion technique, with an emphasis on popping, locking, waving, tutting, and other sharp movements. This class will incorporate animation and hip hop techniques to create different timings within a section of movement. We will also learn the basics to tutting and how to pair this with bellydance.

Reclaim Your Power with Belladonna
April 11th, 7-9pm CT

Cut away the past and clear the way for a brighter path. A sword dancing spiritual journey to help you free yourself from ties that bind and move with purpose, precision and power.

Brought to you by Belladonna, the creator of the renowned Bohemian Blade Certification program!

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