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Meet our founder & director, shyama!

Metal music gets into your bones and, for Shyama, it went straight to her hips with belly dance. She started out mesmerized by traditional belly dancers, but quickly innovated a style all her own. She focuses on using metal riffs to bring out the dark side of belly dance, pioneering the Metal Fusion style.

Shyama has carved a niche in the belly dance community, becoming a crowd-wowing staple on both live and virtual stages! She regularly creates and participates in large-scale events, inspiring event-goers and participants everywhere she performs. She has studied extensively in the fusion style with belly dance greats like Ariellah, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Ashley Lopez, April Rose, Michelle Sorenson, Silvia Salamanca, and many more! She is also a certified Level One teacher in Acushla's Belly Dance Blueprint method.

In the chaos of 2020, Shyama founded the dark fusion dance community, the Stygian Collective, which allows dancers from all over the world to connect, share, and grow together in a unique, supportive, and collaborative online platform that feels like a true family. With her growing international community at her back, Shyama took to the virtual stage to produce fully fledged gala performances and weekend festivals online for the world to enjoy.

Shyama is also a star instructor, conducting workshops on request, crafting live online classes, as well as hosting an online studio for instruction in her style. She is now also rolling out a comprehensive Stygian Certification Program providing structured online learning at each student's pace, with customized feedback to promote student growth and success in the belly dance world.

With a massive repertoire that includes creative and emotional choreography, improvisation, sword and veil dance, and more, Shyama is as versatile as she is deeply versed in the intricacies of each style of performance.

For a sampling of Shyama’s incredible work, you can visit the Stygian Collective Facebook page or take a look at the videos and reviews below. Be prepared for a side of belly dance you’ve never seen before!





"Joining Stygian Collective was probably one of the best decisions I've made so far this year. Shyama is an outstanding teacher and the Collective itself is friendly and supportive. Love being a part of it!"
~Laina, Stygian Collective Member

"Shyama is a gem!  She is very professional, positive and knowledgeable.  She advocates for positive body image for women, which has helped my self esteem.  I just started doing belly dance workouts throughout the week with Shyama's assistance about a month ago simply with the goal to lead a healthier lifestyle (I'm sick of gyms).  The side benefits are I am having a lot of fun and I've lost weight!  Shyama was my personal instructor when I first learned fusion bellydance. I could have had a more understanding and fun teacher! Thank you Shyama :)"
~Kelly, student

"Awesome performer and a great teacher!! I enjoy all of the Fusion Fire classes I do and I can’t wait to do more! Hopefully, one day, I will be as good as she is."
~Sophia, student

"Wonderful instructor and passionate dancer! I took private belly dance lessons with Mandy earlier this year and loved every minute of it! She has a real passion for dance and it shows in her work. Although feeling a little self conscious at times dancing in front of her, she always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her skill is astounding (just ask to watch HER!) and it was so much fun to learn from a girl who loves what she does."
~Andrea, student

"Excellent coach for a self-conscious newbie! I've been so grateful to be taking belly dancing lessons from Shyama for the majority of this year. It began as an activity that my future mother-in-law and I could do together for fun and a way for me to interact with Shyama even though we were no longer at the same workplace, but it turned into so much more. The first time I tried belly dancing, I could barely do a hip slide. Now I am putting together sequences of moves in dance routines. Shyama is extremely patient, always letting me try steps over and over until I feel comfortable. She always has a pleasant demeanor and has great ways of describing moves, especially if I'm not getting it and a more creative explanation has to be used. Belly dancing is difficult and can be hard for someone, especially if they are not comfortable with their body. Shyama makes me feel at ease and more comfortable expressing myself with my body, which is a beautiful thing! Also, she is an incredible dancer herself but very humble. She also invites her students to belly dancing events, which is very inclusive of her, recognizing that all who are interested in the art of belly dance have something to contribute to the community's belly dancing culture."
~Molly, student

"Absolutely stunning performer with an innovative and unique take on bellydancing!"
~John, superfan

"Super talented dancer. Always puts on a great show."
~Chris, superfan

"[Shyama's] dancing is sublime and supernatural. I love [her] selection of music. To watch [her] dance is a religious experience. In Pagan times they would have worshiped [her] and in Christian times they would have condemned [her] as an enchantress."
~Scott, superfan


Please send all inquires to info@stygian.dance

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