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Online Studio Information

Each level of membership gives you access to different things in the studio--beginner classes, choreography, drills, combos, Stygian Improv Concept, and miscellaneous content!

There are three membership types for the studio: Emerge, Engage, & Evolve:

This is beginner membership! Get your feet wet in Metal Fusion with access to Beginner Classes, Stretching, Metal Fusion Drills, and Level One Choreography!

For those with beginner training under your belt, this leveled-up membership includes Metal Fusion Drills, Combos, Stretching, and Levels One & Two Choreography!

Membership for the Metal Fusion obsessed! Gain access to everything in the studio--Beginner Classes, Metal Fusion Drills & Combos, all Levels of Choreography, Stygian Improv Concept (SIC), Stretching, and all miscellaneous content like makeup tutorials and vlogs!

Beginner Classes

Beginners can now learn to belly dance with me online! I have 10 full class videos of instruction just like you're attending my classes in person. Warm up, technique breakdown, combinations, and cool down all included! Get your fusion belly dance foundation started off right! The Emerge membership is a subscription for beginners for only $10/month!
Included with Emerge, Engage, Evolve, and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Metal Fusion Drills

Drill videos are 10-20 minutes long and focus on a specific movement, layer, or step--and they're always set to metal! I have a variety of drills from beginner level breakdowns to thorough drills for more advanced dancers. There's something here for all levels!

Included with Emerge, Engage, Evolve,
and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Metal Fusion Combos

These combos are created to showcase my Metal Fusion style! Each video is about 10 minutes long and includes a detailed breakdown of the combination's movements followed by a drill to music. New combos and music are posted regularly and accessible any time!

Included with Engage, Evolve,
and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Choreography Workshops

Get full instruction for entire choreography with these videos! Some workshops were recorded from live classes, others are recorded just for the online studio. All are sure to please and challenge you! Choreographies are divided into levels of difficulty, and membership plans give access to different levels.

Level One: Serenity | Godsmack, Slapdash Era | Beats Antique - Included with Emerge, Engage, Evolve, and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Level Two: Crawling | Linkin Park, Golgotha Tenement Blues | Machines of Loving Grace - Included with Engage, Evolve, and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Level Three: Snuff | Slipknot - Included with Evolve and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Stygian Improv Concept (SIC)

Stygian Improv Concept, or SIC, is a group improv format created by Shyama with the assistance of the Stygian Sisters. Inspired by formats like Black Sheep Belly Dance©, Fat Chance Belly Dance©, Improvisational Team Sync©, and Fly Fusion©, this format is built from base Bridge Movements and unique Metal Fusion Combos allowing dancers to create on the spot!

​Video breakdowns of the core elements of SIC are currently being released! Level One is completed and fully available in the online studio. The video below is a preview of the format--not exactly how the completed format will look, but it gives you an idea!

Included with Evolve and Stygian Collective Memberships!

Everything Else!

Every membership level includes my stretching, warm up, cool downs, and conditioning videos!
In addition, Evolve and Stygian Collective memberships include all miscellaneous content like makeup tutorials and vlogs!

Stygian Collective Membership

The Stygian Collective is an exclusive worldwide community of metal and dark fusion dancers rooted in the style created by Shyama and the Stygian Sisters Metal Belly Dance Troupe. Shyama’s goal in creating the Stygian Collective is to foster community, spark inspiration, and provide instruction to like-minded metal and dark fusion dancers of the world. By sharing and learning together through Shyama’s Online Studio, the Collective creates a cohesive, troupe-like experience for dancers wherever they may be!

Stygian Collective Members get access to the full Online Studio, and SO much more!

For full details on membership benefits, click here!

Stygian Certification program

If you’re looking for structure, yet flexibility-- clear practice, but with freedom of expression--and support with constructive critique--the Stygian Certification Program is for you! The program aims to provide self-paced instruction in fusion belly dance techniques and theories, with regular checkpoints during the process for personal feedback to promote your growth. Build and test your skills in an encouraging environment that promotes your unique style, personality, and abilities!

There are three levels of the Stygian Certification Program: Emerge, Engage, and Evolve. They must be completed (or tested out of) in order.

What Makes Stygian Certification Different?

Stygian Dance consists of dancers from around the world with a variety of backgrounds, aesthetic tastes, and personal styles. We value all dancers’ individual expressions and creativity! Instruction in the Stygian style is provided in a darker, more mysterious way, set to metal and gothic music, but you're always free to be who you are. Our goal is to inspire you through solid foundational instruction to find yourself through dance, and share your talents with the world!

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Legal Disclaimers:Belly dance is a physical activity. Stygian Dance and affiliated instructors will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur from using these videos. If you engage in this program, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Trust your body, and if needed, consult a physician regarding any concerns you may have.

***I do not own rights to the music in these videos. Copyright belongs to the artists and their respective parties!***
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